a). Personal Rewards. Mint a NFT on the InPersona app and mine crypto using your own heartbeat. Sounds great, but it is more than just that. Your data can be collected anonymously, collected along with the data of thousands of others and sold to interested parties, e.g. governments, medical and pharmaceutical organisations, universities and research organisations and so on. Get paid in VSC. There is a $9 a month fee to be connected, but this expense should be covered by earnings. This is the only regular fee in the system.

b). Connection Rewards. Invite others to participate in the health and wealth benefits of Vyvo (yes, a sort of MLM scheme, but without the risks). Get paid in USDV for each connection.



a). Personal Rewards. When your invitees mint NFTs in order to mine data they get rewarded. You earn a percentage of their earnings. Paid in VSC.

b). Community Rewards. When your invitees successfully add their invitees to the program you earn a percentage of their reward. Paid in USDV.

Also when their invitees mine data you get a percentage of your invitees reward. Paid in VSC.

USDV is a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar.  The value of VSC is determined by the market.  VSC can be converted to USDV and spent in retail establishments or used to obtain cash from ATMs. This is done by use of the in-house debits cards, Vyvopay and Odee.