We are not qualified to give investment advice. This website has been created simply for information you may or may not see elsewhere. If you decide to part with your money in any of these products you need to understand:

1. It is entirely at your own risk  2. You should do your own research  3. Do not use money you cannot afford to lose. 

Ah, the magical world of crypto, but beware of volatility. Cryptocurrency prices can rapidly increase or decrease. Do your own research. With this very much in mind do not invest what you cannot afford to lose.

If we lose cash and are offered CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies), beware. You will no longer have control over your money. This is one of the reasons why crypto currencies have become so popular. Even the likes of Blackrock are now heavily invested via their ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds). Crypto currencies are decentralised assets, i.e. not controlled (at least directly) by governments or banks. However, we also recommend acquiring precious metals (gold, etc) and precious stones (diamonds, etc), as hedges against inflation. 

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