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Netline5 Marketing promotes products it believes are of benefit to society. It does not guarantee the efficacy of these products. If you have a concern, please consult an expert in the particular field you are researching.

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Our health is taking a battering due to modern living. We always seem to be in a rush, not eating healthily and not exercising properly. This is not helped by a deteriorating National Health Service (NHS) where GPs avoid face-to-face meetings and hospital waiting lists get longer and longer. The solution is simple if you have money - just go private. However, most of us cannot afford that luxury, so what can we do?

Netline5 Marketing has devoted several links to products that we believe can be helpful. We are not experts in these products, we merely want to bring them to your attention. They are predominantly health based but there are other products which can help with your wealth. You need to do your own research as part of your overall education in helping yourself to overcome the failings of the NHS and the banking system. This education is crucial, because preventing illness and disease is much easier than trying to cure it. The pharmaceutical industry has an interest in keeping you alive, but not healthy, because their aim is to maximise profits and the purpose of repeat prescriptions is to ensure a steady stream of income. Doctors have been incentivised to prescribe these products as well as having not been educated in their efficacy and side effects. This has tended to overwhelm previous traditional remedies that relied on natural products.

People need to understand that health is more than ever a personal responsibility. Everything from education to willpower. Are you overweight? Do you smoke or drink too much alcohol? Are you a couch potato? Do you drive when you could walk or cycle? Or perhaps too many late nights? You probably could come up with more bad habits.

Knowing what is in store in financial markets is crucial for wealth survival. Beware Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). Use cash wherever and whenever possible or you will lose the freedom of untraced transactions. Eventually central banks will want to make cash obsolete so that they can control everything you do via CBDCs and digital IDs, like digital health passports as well as digital travel passports. We recommend other ways to store wealth, for example, CRYPTO, GOLD, etc., but educate yourself about these markets first.

We will be adding more products that have health, wealth and freedom benefits. Many of these products are sold direct to the public which means you could become a seller too and find a way to boost your income in these inflationary times.