We are not qualified to give investment advice. This website has been created simply for information you may or may not see elsewhere. If you decide to part with your money in any of these products you need to understand:

1. It is entirely at your own risk  2. You should do your own research  3. Do not use money you cannot afford to lose. 


Inflation eats away at your wealth - things cost more. Your mortgage could become unaffordable if interest rates go up due to inflation.

 CBDCs (Central Banks Digital Currencies)

It will be marketed as the solution to that "nasty, dirty" inconvenient paper money. 


Banks want to get rid of cash - that means every penny/cent of yours will be traceable and programmable. What could programmable money mean?

Your money could simply disappear if you say the wrong things, particularly online.

It may only be usable within 5 or 10 miles (or any other distance) of your home.

It will not work if you have the wrong credit score.

It could have a "use by" date.

No phone app- perhaps no money.

Use cash as long as you can, otherwise you will lose it. Cash is not traceable. Cash is not programmable. Cash is yours (unless you put it in a bank account), even though its value decreases with inflation. Avoid places that only accept card payments. Boycott them - this is the slippery slope.

One Solution is - TALLY MONEY. Tally is physical gold not fiat money.