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This product is being highlighted for a specific reason. We are all being poisoned, whether through injection, shedding, chemtrails, plus toxic air, food and water. One of the best products for ridding the body of ingested or inoculated harmful metals is zeolite. Click on the picture below.

The following article was written by Karen Kingston. Despite the heading saying "The Unvaccinated are Safe", Kingston then goes on to show this is NOT the case.

8 Dietary Sources of Heavy Metals

When you’re buying food, you probably glance over the Nutrition Facts to make sure you’re making a healthy choice. What the label won’t tell you however, is how much toxic heavy metals you may consume per serving.

Yet what we eat and drink is one of the primary points of exposure for heavy metals. Reducing your exposure to these toxins is vital for your health. See the list of foods and beverages to watch out for…

8 Common Dietary Sources of Heavy Metals > Must Read 

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5 Ways Organic is Better for You

At this point, organic is a full-on movement. In fact, over 82% of all US households buy some organic foods. While eating organic can be expensive, in so many ways it is worth it. Organic foods don’t have toxic pesticides, they are more nutritious with higher antioxidant levels, and they come with other big health benefits. See all the ways eating organic is better for you.





No Bake Chocolate Protein Bites

Looking for a delicious healthy snack to help you get through your day? These no bake chocolate protein bites are it. They taste like a brownie but are packed with satisfying protein to curb cravings and fuel energy. Bonus, the dark chocolate has proven mood boosting properties. They’re sure to hit your sweet spot while delivering healthy plant-based protein. Enjoy!


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Pure Body Extra

Toxins are all around us. Our easy-to-use nanosized zeolite spray helps remove heavy metals and pollutants so you feel your best every day.

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Organic Super Protein

Way better than whey. Organic Super Protein provides 18g of clean, complete protein from organic superfoods for a delicious vanilla shake.

128+ Reviews

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